UFA Marketplace is the next evolution of UFA Traders Ltd. We are not your typical vape distributor, we have a unique approach to our customers with a track record of innovation in the industry. The UFA Marketplace is a premiere B2B vaping platform, UFA was born to transform the vaping wholesale sector and to help retailers grow their business.

Our Mission Statement

Trading since 2013, we were the first UK vape distributor which made the switch to using a wholesale webpage, back when everyone else was still using spreadsheets. The UFA Marketplace connects vaping wholesale vendors and retail buyers from all across the UK. Our innovative platforms re-defines the wholesale experience and provides a hefty selection of additional benefits.

Our vision

Innovation and exceptional customer service has always been at the heart of our company. We have always stood out from the competition on our distinctive way of dealing with our customer's requirements. The UFA Marketplace is no different.
We're not here to make a quick stele, we’re here to form a relationship, to provide you with a partner that you can rely on, a partner that helps to grow your business. In these difficult times we have strengthened our relationship with our customers even more.

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