Killa Nicotine Pouches (Pack of 10) - 16.5MG
Expertly formulated for maximum potency, Killa Nicotine Pouches (Pack of 10) deliver a powerful 16.5MG dosage per pack. Each pouch is carefully crafted to provide a seamless, smoke-free nicotine experience. With 10 pouches per pack, this convenient and discreet option...
Kingston Nicotine Pouches (Pack of 10)
Specifications: Portions per Can: 20 pcs Strength: 12mg, 18mg, 28mg & 50mg 10 Flavours
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Pablo Danger Strong Nicotine Pouches (Pack of 10) - 30mg
Introducing Pablo Danger Strong Nicotine Pouches, a pack of 10 pouches each containing 30mg of pure nicotine. Experience a strong and long-lasting nicotine kick without any tobacco, smoke or spit. A convenient and discreet alternative for those looking to satisfy...
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Pablo Exclusive Nicotine Pouches (Pack of 10) - 50mg
Introducing Pablo Exclusive Nicotine Pouches - a pack of 10 pouches with a powerful 50mg nicotine strength. These pouches provide a strong and satisfying nicotine experience without the need for tobacco. Perfect for those looking to reduce or quit smoking....
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