UFA is an ultimate premium vaping platform. Save time, reduce your costs and enjoy perks and benefits not found anywhere else.
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UFA Marketplace is the ultimate wholesalers buying experience. Save time, reduce your costs and enjoy perks and benefits not found anywhere else.

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Reduced Costs

Competitive Pricing:

Experience a wide range of stock with unbeatable prices to provide you with the best buying experience and give you a friendly start with buying from the UFA Marketplace.

Save Time On Purchasing:

Are you tired of running around to stores to make your purchases? Even then you probably sometimes don't find what you're looking for. Now save time and money when you can easily step into the wide range of products and brands` available for you and select and make purchases from the comfort of your home.

Dedicated Account Manager

Support On How To Use The UFA Platform To Its Full Extent

To give you a one of a kind user experience at the UFA Marketplace, we have a dedicated account manager that will handle all your data and improve your experience by giving you deep insights on how to use and gain maximum benefit from the UFA Marketplace.

We Will Help You Improve Your Efficiency & Control

Our platform is designed to improve your efficiency. This is done through our easy to use interface and navigation system to ensure your experience isn't a sedated one.

Secure Payments

Payment Done Through Bank Transfers

Our payment procedures through bank transfer are as safe as convenient to ensure you the buyer is comfortable with making any kinds of purchases at the UFA Marketplace.

Spend Risk Free

We value your time and money just as much as you. That is why your safety is our number one priority.

Easy Returns & Rapid Delivery

Say The Word & We'll Handle The Return Process

Having technical difficulties with the product? Rest assured we are ever ready to handle your problems and offer a quick return solution that will cover up and save you from any major loss.

Rapid Dispatch & Quick Delivery

We value your time, and it can be an exciting feeling to finally get your hands on a product you've craved for. That is why we ensure your order is dispatched to your doorstep via reliable courier service DPD to handle your timely deliveries. 

Cut off time

Our usually Cut off time is before 2 pm every day, each day from Monday to Friday. For Saturday Special deliveries contact your Account Manager. 

Discover New Brands

Discover Up & Coming Market Leading Brands

At the UFA Marketplace, our buyers have the opportunity to stay on top of the market trends and a consistent supply of the most premium brands in UK.

Try Something New

With our platform, you will have something new to try. As the shift of the current work meta is gradually increasing towards the digital platforms, UFA Marketplace is tailored to give the buyer one of a kind, experience in the digital market.

Compare & Find The Perfect Match For You

Are you facing any issues or confusion finding the right product for your fit? Now you can simply select your favorite products and compare them side by side to find the perfect option that will fulfil your needs.

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