To follow our return/missing items procedure, submit the respective PDF form(s) provided below and send them to your dedicated account manager to follow through with your inquiry. Please ensure that you read carefully through the  process described below before the submission of any return applications.


  1. Physically damaged or spoiled goods/products cannot be returned.
  2. Returns without a return-form will take longer to process with no assurances of resolution.
  3. For faulty returns you’re required to leave a print-out of the return-form within the return parcel that the warehouse will receive for inspection.
  4. To expedite the process, send a copy of the return-form to your dedicated account manager.


  1. Missing items should be reported within 48 hours after delivery. (Any cause for claim expires after that time-frame)
  2. Make sure you’ve inspected the parcel for any missing items before signing off the delivery.(Or other precautions in those scenarios where the courier service can be held liable)
  3. Missing Item Forms should be submitted to your dedicated account manager
  4. Disputes can take up to 72 hours to resolve or longer depending on the circumstances. We make sure to monitor the dispatching of each parcel very closely. We use CCTV footage, order-prints, past-conversations to resolve disputes, hence it is encouraged that you submit as much evidence that you can possibly provide to expedite the process.
  5. Video or photographic evidence of collection/unboxing are ideally the preferred methods of resolving such disputes.


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